Jana Vanecek

+c1 Jana Vanecek -c1 was born in former CSSR and lives currently in Zurich. They hold +c5 degrees in fine arts, critical theory and transdisciplinarity in the arts -c5 and works as a research associate at the Zurich University of Arts. Her work as an artist and writer circles the +c2 intersections of art, research, science, and literature -c2, negotiating planetary health and neurodivergence in the context of multilayered, interwoven socio-political discourses. +c4 Viruses, Neurodiversity, queer-feminist technoscience and language -c4 are their long-term research interests. Vanecek chooses topics based on personal experience, but the focus is not on the «individual person». +c5 The «Self» is decentralized to reveal the cultural, political, economic, and social entanglements -c5 that shape this «Self» - but also the social realities of many other lives. Vanecek illuminates the chosen topics from +c7 different disciplinary perspectives and -c7 uses a combination of +c7 various voices -c7 as a structuring principle.


Studio Residency in Genoa

With artistic research on Neurodiversity and the history of Franco Basaglias Critical Psychiatry, +c4 Jana Vanecek will deepen their past explorations surrounding mental health by tracing the history and genealogy of psychiatric reform in Italy from its origins up to the present day. -c4 The Psichiatria Democratica movement in Italy, which emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, and was influenced by Basaglias’ thought, rejected top-down psychiatric approaches and called for a more humane and individualised approach to mental health care. +c6 During their residency in Genoa, Vanecek investigates the similarities between Franco Basaglias’ political work in Italys Mental Health Care System and contemporary views of Neurodiversity,-c6 which emphasises the diversity of human brains and challenges the idea that there is a single “normal” way of thinking and experiencing the world.