Jana Vanecek

Materialistische Mixtapes für Madame Psychosis: A Workshop for lazy poets

Materialistische Mixtapes für Madame Psychosis (Materialistic Mixtapes for Madame Psychosis) was a workshop that took place in the Material - Room for Book Culture. The aim of the workshop was to write a text together with all workshop participants using the existing artist-books and zines in the shop. There was no thematic focus. The only requirement was that the participants had to select artist-books / zines that contain text. After all participants had made their selection, they briefly explained why they chose their book / zine. This opened up various references and concentrated special zones of interest, which already led to lively discussions at this point in time.

In the subsequent writing practice, different lines came to an entanglement. After the first person had opened their chosen book / zine on any page, selected a sentence / sentence fragment and typed the sentence / sentence fragment on the typewriter, it was the turn of the next person. This person tried to follow up on the previous sentence with the same method. So it went on in the round until everyone had selected and typed a sentence and a co-authored text was created. The workshop was initially scheduled for thirty minutes and then lasted three hours because the method was very popular.