Jana Vanecek

My Body is an Alphabet

2022 | Digital Fanzine p.56 | Video (DCP) 00:00:17

The digital fanzine «My Body is an Alphabet» is published as part of the series A Throw of the Dice, curated by Delphine Chapuis Schmitz for the project There is something wrong with my hands. Oh yes, they’re not holding you.

In terms of content, it deals with invisible “illnesses” such as PTSD, PMDD and PME. Vanecek thus thematizes her personal situatedness.

The composition results from multiple collaborations: The images have been developed together with VQGAN + Clip, two separate machine learning algorithms that can be used to generate images based on a text prompt. For Vanecek, it was important to fully engage with the algorithms as equal collaborators. In a reciprocal process of image development, the artist, together with the algorithms, performed a circular and equal act of image making.

The textual layer consists of interwoven fragments from texts by Johanna Hedva, Starhawk, Serhij Zhadan, Jenny Odell, memes circulating in the neurodivergent community, and Vanecek herself. Exchange and discussions with Angi Nend also contributed greatly to this publication.

download-link for the fanzine