Jana Vanecek

Psychoaktive Begleitnarrative

2019/2020 | A Series consisting of four images | Material: direct print on 5mm forex | Size of single print: 297mm x 420mm | Edition: 3 + 2AP

"Psychoaktive Begleitnarrative?" is an excerpt from an ongoing artistic research project that explores the connection between substance use and text production. The inspiration for this project came from my personal experience with ADHD and a publication called "New Existentialism" (Edition Fink, 2016), which contains a list of Jean-Paul Sartre's daily "drug ration". Through my research, I examine the accompanying narratives that emerge around substance use and abuse and how they shape the reception of authors. I also explore how the legal status of a substance and the zeitgeist's subject perception influence these narratives. Additionally, I am interested in how various substances affect neurochemical signal transmissions and how these changes, along with factors such as social status, gender, origin discipline, and cultural epoch, can impact the coherence of style, imagery, language, and material and motivational expression in text production.