Jana Vanecek

Reality is promiscuous, at the very least

Installation & Publication: 5 x C-Stands, 5 x double-sided print on aluminium-dibond 40cmX50cm, publication 66p

Reality is promiscuous, at the very least is an installation with publication and consists of a series of images and a series of text fragments. The work shows an excerpt from Vanecek’s artistic research project on neurodiversity and co-authorship with artificial intelligence. The artist developed the image series together with machine learning algorithms. The text layer consists of quotations and word fragments from various authors, which Vanecek has edited, supplemented and rewoven.

The image and text levels are independent narrative structures that influence and complement each other. Together, they convey a science fiction fabulation that takes up the evolutionary biology hypothesis that human consciousness arose thanks to co-evolution with a retrovirus. In the images, one recognizes viruses, brains, faces, octopuses, cyborgs that connect with each other in a variety of ways. The accompanying texts represent a kind of scattered writing, as practiced by the artist with her ADHD - but also formally tie in with representational forms of digital and postmodern literature.