Jana Vanecek

A minefield of obstacles

Mixtape for Madame Psychosis | this text was writen for and first published on https://madame-psychosis.com in 2018

The solitude of writing is a solitude without which writing could not be produced. At the same time you are never alone during the process of writing, you are always visited by ghosts. You are seduced by the sound of words written by [un]dead authors and by the interaction of their voices in your head. Each of these voices contains a minefield of obstacles that function as potential barriers to achieving your next sentence. You can not proceed if you are not angry. Writing is a cerebral journey where you mold this experience into useful thought capsules and carefully interact with these residents of your delirious spirit house. To revel in writing is not only precarious, it is much worse: it is praecox.  It never comes at the right time. You can not count on writing to be there just because you have made some space for it. Do not think about the writing process too much. Just do one thing: let the words become that blatant person who shows father politics their butt.