Jana Vanecek

Devoured by Words

Mixtape for Madame Psychosis | this text was writen for and first published on https://madame-psychosis.com in 2018

Has it ever occurred to you that the words are the ones who choose how they are told and who tells them. Maybe they just wait to be written. Maybe they wait until you finally draw the essence of what you know out of the shadows. When you write, you want to get rid of the world. You are trying to create alternative worlds. But how to get there? The irony is you can not see your worlds until you look through the eyes of your words.

If you feel that creeping self-doubt, by recognizng the contradictoriness craving privacy to type words that crave the public, acknowledge it. Write down your fears… and then continue with your writing. Keep writing until you can unknot the „not“. Don’t hesitate to be devoured by these waiting words. Unlearn any given rules, they stifle you from entering the forbidden spaces where the core of the words is waiting to be revealed. And never ever forget: nothing listens as well as a blank page.